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November 10 2011

November 09 2011

Our Apotheken App is still #1

Even after we got some competition from AppScape and the Apothekerkammer itself, our “Apotheken”-App is still the #1 pharmacy app in the austrian App Store!

June 20 2011

Geizhals App Available

After quite some work, Apple just made our latest creation available on the App Store.

We are already getting some good reviews:



We just released a little, unpolished web app, to ease ad-hoc distribution of iOS apps and collecting and symbolicating crash reports:

April 16 2010

Apotheken app launched today!

Get the iPhone Apotheken (Pharmacies) App here:

February 20 2010

Zimt – OpenResearch iPhone Library

We just started our own public iPhone library:

For now it includes:


CLLocationManager subclass that can read a list of waypoints from a file and simulate location updates. Meant to be used on simulator for testing. See samples/FakeLocation


Probably the first WebSocket client implementation written in Objective-C

January 11 2010

How to get the current iPhone Language Code

We are currently developing an iPhone App which requires localization support and I ran into an issue while trying to get currently set language.

Cocoa Touch has a class called NSLocale which let’s you query the language by writing the following code:

[NSLocale currentLocale] objectForKey:NSLocaleLanguageCode];

At least one would expect so, but it actually gives you the language of the region format you have configured in your settings.

For example:
If you have your iPhone language set to ‘English’, but your region format is set to ‘Germany’, the call will return ‘de’ instead of ‘en’.

What you really should call is:
[[NSLocale preferredLanguages] objectAtIndex:0]
Because this gives you not the language associated with the region, but the language the device is actually configured for.

December 09 2009

November 29 2009

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