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October 12 2012

ÖAMTC Windows 8 App

A lot has happened at OpenResearch since our last blog post, but for now we are just happy to report that our first Windows 8 (Metro) App is now available at the Windows Store.

And the next App is already in review!

If you are interested in getting your content in the new Windows Store and have an App ready soon after the official Windows 8 release, just contact us.


January 22 2012

MAwA12 – Mobile App Awards 2012

Der MAwA12 findet am 1. März am Abend des E-Day 2012 statt und wird von der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich veranstaltet. In einer Gala-Veranstaltung präsentieren Einreicher ihre Apps und mobilen Sites vor dem Who is Who aus IT und Wirtschaft.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier:

January 03 2012

December 09 2011

Bash Completion for git on Mac OS X

Most of our development work happens on Macs, but our server infrastructure runs on Ubuntu Linux, so we are used to the great bash command line argument completion feature.

Bash completion is basically a collection of bash scripts, which know the command line argument options for most popular command line applications. So additionally to the completion of directory- and filenames (by pressing tab), you also get completion of command line arguments.

Now Mac OS X doesn’t ship with bash completion, so to get it running on your Mac, you need to have MacPorts (or another package manager) installed and install the bash-completion package:

sudo port install bash-completion

Now that we have bash completion installed, we still need bash to actually load the scripts. Add the following to your ~/.profile (if the file .profile doesn’t exist in your home directory, just create an empty file):

if [ -f /opt/local/etc/bash_completion ]; then
. /opt/local/etc/bash_completion

You now need close and reopen your Terminal for bash to reload your .profile (you can also run source ~/.profile instead).

Let’s try if it works by entering dd<space> in your Terminal and pressing tab twice. You should see the command line options for the dd utility:

Fast:~ schmidp$ dd<space><tab><tab>
--help --version bs= cbs= conv= count= ibs= if= obs= of= seek= skip=

Yay, we have working bash completion!

But we are not finished yet, as the bash-completion package ships without git support. So let’s run the following commands:

cd /opt/local/etc/bash_completion.d
sudo curl -O

Reload your .profile again (see above), enter git su and press tab. Bash should now autocomplete your command to git submodule.

Tags: Development

November 10 2011

November 09 2011

Our Apotheken App is still #1

Even after we got some competition from AppScape and the Apothekerkammer itself, our “Apotheken”-App is still the #1 pharmacy app in the austrian App Store!

June 20 2011

Panda Kit

We just released a little, unpolished web app, to ease ad-hoc distribution of iOS apps and collecting and symbolicating crash reports:

Geizhals App Available

After quite some work, Apple just made our latest creation available on the App Store.

We are already getting some good reviews:



We just released a little, unpolished web app, to ease ad-hoc distribution of iOS apps and collecting and symbolicating crash reports:

September 04 2010

There is a Horse in the Apple Store

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September 02 2010

We are hiring!

We are currently especially looking for:

  • iPhone/iPad developers
  • Android developers
  • UI designers and Photoshop artists
We are also interested in:
  • Blackberry developers
  • Symbian/MeeGo (QT) developers
  • Javascript/Ruby and WebOS developers

If you are interested in any of those positions, please drop us a line at:

Heute Print Edition iPad App
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April 16 2010

Apotheken app launched today!

Get the iPhone Apotheken (Pharmacies) App here:

February 20 2010

Zimt – OpenResearch iPhone Library

We just started our own public iPhone library:

For now it includes:


CLLocationManager subclass that can read a list of waypoints from a file and simulate location updates. Meant to be used on simulator for testing. See samples/FakeLocation


Probably the first WebSocket client implementation written in Objective-C

February 05 2010

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OpenResearch iPad Prototype
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